The Internationaler Bund Polska foundation was founded in 2004 by initiative of the Internationaler Bund Freier Träger der Jugend-, Sozial- und Bildungsarbeit e.V. founded in 1949 in western Germany.

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The Foundation’s mission is a comprehensive support and social and professional activisation of people excluded, in particular, due to age, origin, place of residence, education, or social status.

We implement educational projects on the idea of ​​volunteering, social work, and senior care, which activate our beneficiaries to work for their own development, help to integrate with their immediate surroundings, and improve their well-being and strength to participate in social life.




From the very beginning, the foundation supports volunteering in Poland and abroad.

Through the implementation of many volunteering projects, we promote the idea of ​​social commitment and solidarity. We visit schools, kindergartens, senior clubs, we also participate in mobility fairs, to convince as many people as possible to be active for the benefit of society and to believe that helping makes sense!

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Since 2013, we have been implementing various projects aiming at both the activation of seniors as well as care and assistance services for those in need.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of older people but also to use their potential and encourage them to share knowledge and experience with the younger generation and find and develop their passions.

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From the very beginning, the Foundation has been implementing projects in the field of professional and social activation and social support. Until now, we have already completed over 40 projects of this type.

From the 1st of April 2009, based on the status granted by the Silesian Voivode, we run a Social Integration Center in Tychy, where we activate people at risk of social exclusion socially and professionally.

As a part of social employment, our beneficiaries participate in occupational training in one of two workshops: building one or tailoring workshop as well as in activities with a psychologist and a vocational counselor.

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We support and organize a lot of educational projects that raise qualifications and skills, both professional and non-domestic for children, youth, and adults. Our activities are directed mainly at students with disabilities who have decisions for the need of special education. Their educational process requires appropriate organization and working methods.

Every disabled person has unique abilities and psychophysical needs, predispositions, and limitations. Our educational projects aim to level out the chances of students with disabilities in access to international educational projects. We want to give this group the chance to prove additional activities and skills, which is supposed to improve their situation in the labor market.

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