Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation teamed with partnering organizations runs Multicultural Centre in Krakow (Centrum Wielokulturowe w Krakowie). The Centre serves as an information point for the foreigners in Krakow. It also organizes several social and cultural initiatives.

Currently, it helps those who have fled the war in Ukraine providing legal aid, psychological support and distributing humanitarian aid.

Donate now and enable us to provide daily support to those who have fled the war.
Donate via direct bank transfer:

Transfers from abroad: PL 32 1240 4650 1978 0000 5151 6783 PKOPPLPW
Transfers from Poland: BANK Pekao S.A .: 41124046501111000051601681

Bank transfer title: donation for public benefit purposes as per the foundation’s statute – help for Ukraine

Daszyńskiego 16 - magazyn z pomocą IB Polska Centrum Wielokulturowe w Krakowie

Our help in numbers:

The Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation has been actively helping refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the war. We conduct our activities as part of the Multicultural Centre, of which we are operators, together with partners, since March 2021. Our Information Point for Foreigners operates as part of the Centre.

Since the beginning of the war, we have been running 3 locations in Krakow with the help of:

  • SZAFA DOBRA (Good wardrobe) – clothes, shoes (located at al. Pokoju 44);
  • a warehouse with basic medications (at the moment location moved to a warehouse with food, al. Daszyńskiego 16);
  • warehouse with food, cosmetics, household chemicals, and things for sleeping (sleeping bags, blankets, mats, bedsheets – located at al. Daszyńskiego 16);

We provide general counselling (Information Point for Foreigners), 6 days a week, 10 hours each from
9.00 to 19.00;

We provide legal counselling, 5 days a week, 5 hours a day;

We coordinate the work of volunteers supporting organizations and institutions operating in Krakow (base of more than 10,000 people).

HELP for the Ukrainians in Cracow

So far (till 3rd August 2022) we have distributed:

  • 507, 480 items of various assortment (food, cosmetics, cleaning products, sleeping items, drugs & medicines etc.)
    for over 49, 900 people
  • 550, 300 clothes and shoes for almost 72, 080 people in the SZAFA DOBRA (GOOD WARDROBE)

Moreover, we helped 9,900 people at the Information Point for Foreigners

In total, we have helped over 132 593 people

We will be grateful for any material and/or financial help that will support the refugees from Ukraine.

Our Donators: