How to… write a good CV

EVS is for many of us volunteers the possibility to have a free phase, to make steps out of the comfort zone and to collect new experiences. But the time to think about
?what to do after my EVS? is coming faster than most of us expected,
because time is running so fast.

A few days ago our coordinating organization Internationaler Bund Polska arranged a CV workshop for the volunteers. One of that steps, that you usually have to take if you make your plans for the future, is the preparation of your CV ? always something that swirls up many questions.

In the workshop, held by Agata Glouszek (who did a really great job) from Alexander Mann Solutions Poland, we were not talking about fonts and space between the lines. We talked about how to arrange an individual CV, which represents a balance between honest information and the degree of what we want/need to share. We got aware of the fact, that we have an immediate influence on the interview with our CV and not every youth camp or internship is interesting in your CV.

Your CV always has to be based on your circumstances, where are you applying, for which position, what skills can you offer to the company/association etc., which experiences did you make in this
field before? So content and appearance always have to be adjusted on the current conditions?

>>>Finally CVs are so individual as the
persons who are writing them.<<<

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (15)

Agata Glouszek, who run the workshop.

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (10)
Ildefonso and Iryna

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (5)

Patricia and Danai

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (4)


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Pictures taken by Katrin Pleus.

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