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I’m Marianna and I’m 26 years old. I’m a French-English teacher by profession, I just finished my studies before I came to Poland. The reason why I decided to do an EVS is that I’ve never had much international experience in my life and I really missed it ? both as curious person and as a teacher because at school we always speak about tolerance and accepting others to the students…

…but how can you be credible saying this if you, yourself, have never left your mother land for a longer period to live with other people from other nationalities? This was the question in my head which oriented me towards EVS.

I’m working in Special Educational School where I assist teachers and help with the everyday necessities of the kids. I’m really happy because I got to know a very welcoming community who really appreciate that I am there and I’m trying to help despite the obvious language barrier and the fact that I’m not trained to work with kids like the ones at school.

Marianna at workMarianna workshop

Since I’m here I’ve learnt a lot of things for which I’m very grateful ? just some examples: I’m learning a language I’ve never imagined to start at all ? and I’m proud of my progress, approaching to the end of the journey I see quite clearly what I want to do with my life, I’m learning a lot about how I work in different situations and with different people. The good thing about EVS is, that without it, some questions and sometimes doubts would never arise but here under the tons of emotions ? often shocks ? you have to ask yourself: How can I solve this? What shall I do now? And the irony of asking yourself is that you have to provide the answer as well? Now I have answers. I have more answers than in the beginning of the adventure. I’m on the way to find myself ? this is what EVS can give you, which is; if you think about it, not a small thing at all.

Exhibition_Group of volunteers

EVS project “Spread the light”: Ivana, Bastien, Marianna & Antonio

Pictures taken by Katrin Pleus & private archive of Marianna (first picture).

Text written by Marianna.

The European Voluntary Service project ‘EVS – Spread the light!’ is organised within the framework of Erasmus+ KA1 and financed by European Commission.
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