Going to the opening ceremony “Educational and Support Center“ in the place Gorali 24, Krakow. I never expected I would enjoy it this much. As soon as we entered the Center, two wonderful people welcomed us. The center, which we saw unfinished the last time while visiting IB Polska offices, now was looked great!

We started talking with these two women, who welcomed us with big smiles, explaining them where we came from and who we were. Then, they showed us around.

While talking about Turkey, they said that they were big fans of the world-famous TV series “The Magnificent Century” and we had a mutual cultural exchange for a while. It really felt like home when someone who was aware of our culture talked to us so excitedly in a country we had never been to before. The smell of delicious coffee and delicious desserts were also a bonus :).

Then, Bünyamin, Firas (ex-volunteer of IB Polska) and I, Firdevs, tried to make origami. Unfortunately, we cannot say that we were very successful. Then, after talking some more with the very friendly visitors, we left.

I’m glad we went and met these people.
It was a wonderful day.
Thank you for being with us, Firdevs.