Our volunteers work in a special school for young people with disabilities. They have learnt a lot from teachers and students working here this year. Let’s see how it’s been.

This Tuesday 13 of May, we visited two of our volunteers at their school to see what a day’s work is like. Szokoła Specjalna Przysposabiająca do Pracy is a public school focused on preparing young people with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 24 for the world.

It was a special day and one of the last great activities that our volunteers prepared. Damla, from Turkey, and Tatia, from Georgia, organized a lively presentation of their countries, with videos, music, and typical sweets. In addition, the teachers gave Damla a small farewell gift for all her months at the school.

After the presentation, both volunteers gave me a tour of the classrooms, explained me the activities they did and, in short, what life has been like for them over the past year. They have worked as assistant teachers in the school, helping him to prepare the classes. Most of the time they have been doing activities as animators, entertaining the young people and playing with them. Each student has different disabilities and require the most possible personalized attention.

Their job at the school

On the one hand, Damla has been working all the year with the same group of four students. All her classroom is full of pictures and art works they have done together. Besides they have also made small trips together and cultural activities. A large Brazilian flag can still be seen as a reminder of the thematic day about this country that they organized.

On the other hand, Tatia has two groups, and she spends most of the time in the music classroom organizing more active and vigorous activities. There are four students with similar skills and ages in each group. In addition, they also do physical activities in the sports hall and many kinds of manual activities. Some examples could be painting with different artistic styles, working with the wood, or even sculpting. Despite the different disabilities that each student has, the school tries to design activities that allow them to learn.

Every day, our volunteers help the students to eat in the canteen. Normally, they have a specially prepared menu for them. Besides, when there is a birthday, they also organize a special meal together in the main hall for the birthday boy or girl.

The academic year finish next week and the last activity our volunteers are going to do is a school trip to Katowice for three days and two nights. One adventure comes to an end to them and a new one starts.

Thank you very much for accompanying me on this short tour of your stay in Krakow.

Written by Rafael Fernández Castillejos