The extraordinary Immotus Verto sculpture-carousel has made its way to Krakow. This one-of-a-kind carousel is the creation of French artist Christian Cébé. What sets this carousel apart is not just its artistic form but also its ecological aspect, as it is powered by the muscles of its users!

🤹 The carousel, along with the events organized around it, is a space of joy for everyone, regardless of age or background. The carousel is free of charge to every child for a period of fifteen days. As stated by the initiator of the carousel, it was created for Ukrainian children who were forced to leave their country. Its purpose is to provide them an escape from their traumatic experiences and bring a little joy into their lives. Additionally, it serves the residents of Krakow and other interested parties who wish to enjoy it!

The arrival of the carousel in Krakow is organized by the Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation in partnership with the Nowa Huta Cultural Center so us, ESC volunteers, were asked to help at the carrousel ! Our participation and support were instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of the carousel and enhancing the overall experience for visitors. Our assistance in various tasks around the carrousel, including pin making, drawing making and also translation services that helped bridge language barriers, fostered a more inclusive and enjoyable environment for all. We all enjoyed it !!

The collaboration between the ESC volunteers and the carousel project not only showcased the spirit of solidarity and cultural exchange <3 but also demonstrated the significant impact that volunteers can have in creating positive change and fostering unity within communities, love. <3

Joëy, for the team ESC.