Yesterday was a fun-filled day here at our volunteering center, as we had two exciting workshops that were engaging and interactive! Firas led a workshop on Ramadan that delved deep into the customs and traditions followed during this holy month. Participants got to learn more about the importance of fasting, prayers, and charity practices that are commonly observed during Ramadan.

Aside from this, Rebeka led a unique and enjoyable workshop/game activity. Rebeka asked everyone in the group to share their favorite songs, and she compiled all the songs into a playlist. The other participants were then challenged to guess each other’s favorite song, and explanations soon followed by the person who had chosen the song.

This activity was so fun and lively, and it really made people connect with each other. We shared our personal musical tastes and enjoyed hearing explanations from each other. We even discovered some new music and artists that we had never heard of before.

Overall, this day was an amazing experience, filled with the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow as individuals. We are grateful to Firas and Rebeka for their amazing workshops, which gave us the chance to both broaden our knowledge and share a great time with one another!

See you on the next last Thursday of the month,
Joëy Kumps for the volunteers.