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Treasure Hunt 08/09/2015

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After staying in Kraków for about one week, discovering the city by ourselves the ?old guard? of volunteers tempted us (the new volunteers of IB Polska) with polish candies in a game named ?treasure hunt?. Besides the small task to save the world we also had to solve some puzzles and missions, which solutions should lead us through the city. Getting through seven enormous challenges designed by the ?old guard?, helped us to get to know more of the beautiful city (such as Kościół Św. Apostołów Piotra i Pawła, Zamek Królewski na Wawelu ? and its golden dome and the Synagoga Stara w Krakowie) but also gave us the chance to meet all participants.



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Being more or less successful, all of us reached the destination ? Kazimierz. There we came together to exchange our chronicles of adventure trips and all our goods we took on our journey (polish food, vocals and pictures). Besides learning much about the city and the history, we also got in touch with the mystical part of Kraków and the REAL legend of dragon, which we had to reconstruct from some keywords. So, just have a look:

Sheep1aOnce upon a time there was a smart dove-king. His name was Maciek. And there was a princess, named Malin Johansson. She had a farm of pink sheeps. All the sheeps cought a cold because of the typical polish weather. When she was on the road to Krakow by ship with her pink sheeps down the
Wisła river she asked her shoemaker to make a nice shoe to impress the citizens of Kraków. Therefore the shoemaker had to use the sulphur, but he spent all the night drinking of dragon vodka, so he did a wrong manipulation and provoke a huge explosion and the cheeps become blue...

With this lines of the real legend in mind we took a typical polish Zapiekanka with us, went to the Park Bednarskiego and took of our shoes to recover from the day 🙂

We are looking forward to an exciting time in Kraków and are grateful for the great reception the ?old guard? and IB Polska prepared for us.




Pictures taken by: Ivana Mitrovic, Katrin Pleus, Nieves Giner

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