It is a really hard time for everyone, especially for young people. when everything is closed and you must stay at home. We came to Poland at the beginning of Autumn and so far we have not been able to enjoy the city and discover all its excellent sides.

Our host organization tries everything to create comforts for us and the last week they offered us to spend Friday evening at the Trampoline, which is a huge place for burning calories and having fun. After several months of being at home and eating Zapieanka which is a traditional polish food, this idea seemed cool. This place was amazing to spend an hour with the people who are parts of our Polish family.

Almost all volunteers participated in the event and tried to jump from one mattress to second, even they enjoyed more than other children who were there at the same time. Despite the amazing day, one of our volunteers injured his leg, but nothing serious. He promised that he will be the first person who will jump from all mattresses next time. đŸ™‚


#Author: Geno

Geno is from Georgia and he came to Krakow through the ESC #INTERgeneration project. The European Solidarity Corps is a funding programme of the European Union that creates opportunities for young people to volunteer, work, train and run their own solidarity projects that benefit communities around Europe