For a foreign person, everything is new and strange in the new country. Despite that Poland is not very new and different from my country, I can boldly say that sometimes I am also surprised by Polish culture and differences.

Last week, the coordinator wrote to us about an opportunity for helping local people to clean the house of an elder guy, who has some health problems and can’t walk.
I was one of them who happily said yes and the last Saturday morning we went to his house, where we saw everything! yes, everything!

It was not just a house, where everything needed to be cleaned and settled. It was the museum, where you could see everything, it was a place where you could see Polish history with different kind of old newspapers, money, books, metals, cassettes, and other great things from the soviet time…

I asked him, why he collected all these stuff and how long he was collecting them, and he said that it is his life and he wanted to remember the old time by small things. I really appreciate his job, because it was great for me to see the history of my host country by things, which were useful in the everyday life of Polish people.

Author: #Geno

Geno is from Georgia and he came to Krakow through the ESC #INTERgeneration project . The European Solidarity Corps is a funding programme of the European Union that creates opportunities for young people to volunteer, work, train and run their own solidarity projects that benefit communities around Europe