Poland on my mind – Back to the country

Have you ever thought about volunteering? Have you ever seen yourself as a volunteer in a foreign country with different people and culture? Maybe yes, or not. But being a volunteer is an opportunity to help others, to use your knowledge and experiences for involving in activities which give you pleasure.

4 years ago, I came to Poland for studying, and I discovered beautiful people, delicious food and impressive culture. Watching beautiful buildings, exploring the old towns in different Polish cities and eating Pierogi and Zurek inspired me to come here again.

On the 15th of September 2020, I saw a post on Facebook about a Polish organization who was looking for a volunteer from Georgia and I immediately applied for it, because I realized that it was a chance for me to come here again and to do the job which gives me pleasure and to get new experiences from a new organization. After applying an application, I had a skype interview with a representative of the organization and they, fortunately, accepted to my application. Leaving everything and becoming a volunteer is not easy – especially if you have an active life, but when you want to improve your skills, meet new people and help others, it is a good opportunity to go abroad and spend your several months with different people, where you will be able to discover a new culture and get new experiences. Now, I am here in Krakow and work at NGO Internationaler Bund Polska. I involve in their various activities and trying to help them. I also improve my skills with the Polish language, moreover, I have already met other volunteers from across the world – Spain, Italy, France, Turkey and so on.

I became a volunteer trough European Solidary Corps – the project is created and financed by the EU and it aims to foster solidarity in European society, engaging young people and organizations in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities. It offers young people volunteering activities, traineeships or jobs, or run their own projects.

I encourage you to apply and become a volunteer because it will open a door for new adventures in a different country. I know I am a little biased, but if you choose Poland for your destination country, you will not regret it later, because you will have amazing people, culture, food, landscapes and opportunities to travel in the EU countries with convenient prices.

Become a volunteer – let’s exchange our knowledge and help each other… 😉

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