My first impression about the event is that it was done professionally. The panel was really interesting and the ideas that were discussed were really important.

On the first day there was a movie by the Lebanese director Nadine Labkeh, I didn’t attend however I heard it was a really good movie. On the second day there was a panel presenting different topics which was really interesting and I think it was planned really well.

It was also very interesting for me that there were people from different backgrounds and different ages coming to attend to know more, there were also volunteers from different countries helping for the event which in my opinion the event wasn’t going to be successful without them.

Afterwards on the same day there was the traditional iftar, which is the name for the meal that Muslims eat after fasting for approximately 15 to 20 hours depending on where you live where they fast of food but also of drinks even water, pretty tough right!!! But they believe in the benefits of it spiritually and health benefits too, in general this happens during Ramadan so fasting for everyday for a whole months and because the event was done in Ramadan time, they celebrated this with lots of people and cherishing the beautiful tradition, even the food was so delicious and there was a lot of Arabic variety which made a really nice atmosphere, the place was also a great time for networking and meeting open minded people.

On the following day there were different workshops that you could choose from and at the end there was a panel discussion.

I believe that this conference was really a success and I think it will be an opening to a whole new thinking about the other.

Text by Maram, volunteer from Egypt, participant of the project “Equal volunteering”.

The project “Equal volunteering” is organised within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps and financed by European Commission.