Tortillas de patatas Day!

Hi everybody, I’m Giuseppe (Peppe), a new volunteer here in Krakow with IB Polska. I will tell you about my wonderful experience that had place some week ago, the Spanish day!



Everything started when Natalja, a Serbian volunteer, asked me to take part of this event in her school. I know, Giuseppe it’s not properly a Spanish name, as you already notice I’m Italian, but she asked me in order to play some Spanish song with the guitar, of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes.
Our “team” was composed by Carmencita, Maria, Rafita, Ildelfonso, Esti (all from Spain), Hanna (Iceland), Natalja, and me. At the beginning of the day we had a super competition of Tortillas the patatas, which was the best part for me eheheheh. The kids in the school prepared 21 different kind of Tortillas! It was a pleasure for me to taste all of them, ok maybe not really ALL of them, but don’t say it to the kids ;D
It was very funny for us to see the faces of kids asking for our grades, promoting their tortillas and speaking with us in English, personally a girl also touched my hair ahahahahah, ops sorry jajajajajaj.
The tasting phase was complete so we had a short meeting to decide the winners of the competition, after declaring the winners we passed to the second phase, songs! We went for the most famous actual Spanish songs…yes…that one…Despacito and Bailando.
Also in this case the kids were very excited, some of them sang even louder than us and after that they shared some Polish songs played with the accordion, the sound of it was amazing and we all were fascinated about it.
It was beautiful for me to see different cultures merging so well, cause yes we had a lot of fun but it’s not only about eating some delicious tortillas, it’s about seeing the prejudice and the racism going away to make space for happiness, joy and peace. Tortillas de patatas is the best for it 😉

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