Piknik na Zakończenie Wakacji

Picnic at the end of holidays

School will start again for children and teens in Krakow in September after summer holidays. Parasol/Rakowicka10 organized a picnic to celebrate the last days of holidays with the help of three volunteers – Geea, Guillaume and Kathi – from I.B. Polska in Ogród Zabaw park.


Parasol/Rakowicka10 is a partner of I.B. Polska. Usually they are working with children from districts Stare Miasto, Kazimierz and Podgorze, living in social difficulties. Also they have street-workers, offer active creative activities and distribute eductional material. This was also a part of the picnic. We have had a space for sharing books. Children could rummage and take books they liked. The aim of the picnic was to promote healthy food and an active lifestyle. Therefore children had the opportunity to cook healthy. They made salad, guacomole and finger-foods. Parasol had also prepared some pasta salad and cake as well as herbata (tee) and kawa (coffee). Mostly the children liked the circus-workshop because they could play different games. Their parents were there and could spend some happy hours all together. During the day more people came and newcomers participated in activities such as egg and spoon race and drawing games. The weather was very warm and the children could play a lot. Even after jumping with skipping rope they had still enough energy for dancing zumba!






We (the volunteers) would like to say that we`ve had a lot of fun with the children and people from Parasol during that day.




article and photography

by Katharina Becker

(EVS volunteer)

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