Szla dzieweczka do laseczka

Meeting in Centre for Social Inclusion in Tychy



Centre for Social Inclusion in Tychy is the project of IB Polska and is active since 10 years.

On August 11th four EVS volunteers and Natasza – coordinator from IB Polska office went to Tychy, which is about 1 hour distance from Krakow. The meeting supports cultural exchange between the people of Tychy and the diverse EVS volunteers.

Social worker Paweł Świeżko and the manager Bartłomiej Szymczyk welcomed us and explained their mission. The social centre supports unemployed people (however, unemployment in Tychy is only 3%) and also they set up events for local seniors in order to create a regular senior club and promote social contacts amongst the Tychyerians. About 1300 people get help through food support. Students have the opportunity to do an internships.

First we met people suffering from unemployment due to different reasons. Beatrice prepared a presentation about unemployment in Italy, which is about 40%. She explained that particularly in the South of Italy unemployment is higher than in the North.

The presentation was followed by discussion and the Tycherians are highly interested about the situation of our home countries. Also, we talked about refugees in Europe and realized again that there are huge differences in dealing with refugees in Europe. Polish borders are closed. Italy has to deal with many, many people who fled from war or hunger. Germany is not located at EU border. But this is another pair of shoes.

The volunteers are asked about what they mostly liked about Poland. The answers: Girls, Polish cities (Gdansk in particular), the EVS lifestyle in Krakow.

Later that day we met the seniors who welcomed us warmly and the atmosphere was very positive. Guillaume presented France and Xabi made a video about Spanish culture and the country. We danced and sang and ate food that we prepared. We have eaten delicious Spanish self-made Tortillia di Patatas, French baguette and cheese and German Rote Grütze (also self-made of course).

The seniors prepared traditional Polish “Szla dzieweczka do laseczka” song for farewell, they sang with a lot of passion.

What I like most about that day? The world is a small village. Pawel and I found out that our grandmothers were born in the same Polish village in the North of Poland. Maybe they know each other, I am excited to find out, but we will see. 🙂



article and photography by

Katharina Becker

(EVS volunteer)

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