I?m Silvia from Italy and I?m 22. Studying was all I?ve done in my life, and even if it was what I wanted and it gave me a lot of good memories , I?ve always known It wouldn?t be enough. Travelling was the best part of my University life and after that I wanted to challenge myself in other ways. When I started thinking about what to do after University I already knew the answer: EVS! Why not? New people, new country, new languages. New me.  I wanted to get out of the box of my comfort zone, to open my mind, try myself in something I?ve done before but in a different way. Evs gives you a lot of chances, but you have to be open to catch them. It?s up to you. But if you learn how much power you have then you realize how important this experience can be.  What I had before Evs was quite a lot, and something to be proud  of. And I?m not saying that what I gain from Evs I could not gain from other experiences. But this time is giving me so much! I?ve started Evs that I was an open minded and very friendly person and yet everything I was is changing into something I like more. The challenge of a new life, the difficulties with stranger languages, problems with different cultures and all the lovely or strange people I meet everyday are part of a life that Ii wouldn?t change. Slowly, the problems are not problems anymore and I can appreciate all the things around me that make me grow and make me stronger. But Evs means also family. The one you left home of course, with all your parents and friends that you know will be there for you anytime.  And the one you built during this time, not less strong.  People you don?t know and you love the day after. People you maybe can not understand or people who have different ideas or life style, but you?ll love anyway, sharing with them your dailylife and great  experiences.

Evs is something made to involve and connect young European people. It?s an EU project, founded by European institutions. During the time I?m spending here in Krakow I?ve realize   that institution?s effort to unify Europe can be great, but most of responsibilities are up to us, to grow u together and be friend regardless our differences. We don?t have to change to be similar, but to accept us and live together, and maybe we?ll realize that it?s easier that what people usually think. And maybe if we can do it during our EVS time, what can stop us to do all the time? What can stop us to be that kind of Europe we clearly are not yet?