Meet Balazs

14249039_1157288314328508_1448506664_nI will tell you a story. … Have you ever heard this hit? I have. Rather let me tell you what was in my suitcase when I arrived to Cracow, Poland.

First of all, every good story has some dates. So it started on 2nd of May 2016. and I was angry then because I had my 26th birthday which meant I could not travel cheaper anymore. 5 days later I moved to Poland.

Before that I packed everything in my luggage and started to check what I have. There was  my underwear, my shirts, towels and my fears as well as my 300 English words that I already knew. Yes, the rest and the grammar forgotten somewhere in the dark past. My fears were real because I have never been abroad even for vacation. Besides, do you know what does this mean if you were born in Hungary? Exactly. You’ve never ever seen any sea or ocean. Eventually, it wasn’t a big problem thanks to the other awesome volunteers.

Here is another unimportant data: 07th of May 2016. I got off the bus in Cracow to work with disabled adults. I just occupied my new place and my first way guided to a house party where everybody spoke English. Nowadays I call it good experience, but back then I thought I wouldn´t leave my safe flat anymore.

The ?next stop? was Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It was the part of my project and I had the best week of my life there. It was so impressive to meet another people from different parts of Europe, to find out that the Italians more or less can understand the Spanish and reversely, to learn that the Warsawians don’t like so much the Cracowians and to realize sometimes the hot chocolate is more expensive than 1 liter of beer.

I experienced what a pleasure is to be a Hungarian in Poland during the soccer European Championship. One time after the Hungary-Iceland match we were in the queue to pay with a huge Hungarian flag on our back when an unknown Polish guy came and said congratulations, it was a nice game. I watched the finals at Gdynia where I swam in the sea for the first time. Try to imagine how does it look like when a 26 year old child -I mean a man- see a real medusa for the first time. Obviously I will not tell you what happened when I saw the first pirate boat in my life.

Two months later I held my first workshop in English. I started to learn Spanish, met a guy who forgave me even if I didn’t ask for his forgiveness. Kayaked on the biggest river in Poland,  Wistula. (Keep calm I didn’t tell them our river is three times larger.) Saw an old woman in the park who trained her squirrel. The scariest thing was that the squirrel obeyed her. And felt on my own skin when the east block fall in love with the west between two rains. So this is the turbo version of my first 4 month of EVS.

Now maybe you are curious why I gave that title. A few days ago I was sitting on the toilet at my workplace when one of our teachers came and knock on the Heaven’s door and asked me: Kto to jest? (Who are you?) So what should I answer? Guys forget the movies, Poland is THE country where everything can become a reality. Don’t forget, dream big and make it bigger! 😉

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