Project digitALL was co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

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The „digitAll” project took place in Krakow. Activities began in March 2018, with the arrival of volunteers – Chloe from France and Denise from Italy. Both stayed in Krakow until mid-August. In September, volunteers came: Javier (from Spain, volunteer in Special School no. 11), Zafer (from Turkey, same), Josephine (from Germany, public school No. 11), Cristina (from Italy) and Viktoria (from Germany who unfortunately quited in February due to health reasons) – both at the Autism Center. In October, the team was joined by: Antonin (France, Special School), Julieta (Spain, public school ZSP No. 11). Volunteers stayed in Kraków for 10 months.

The project aimed to promote tools and initiatives that support the fight against digital exclusion, especially among the disabled and elderly people. We also covered topics of effective media literacy, on-line tools and online security. What is more, as a constant element of our EVS activities, we will work on ensuring that young people acquire the necessary competencies in today’s international labour market and discover other cultures by building a positive attitude of openness to otherness (promoting diversity and intercultural dialogue).


  • workshops for children and youth during summer camp 2018 about communication tools development history

  • training on digitalisation in culture in the International Cultural Center in Krakow

  • visit in digitalisation workshop of the Historical Museum of Cracov combine with exhibition Cyberteka showing the development of the city of Cracov using digital tools

  • training with a journalist about conscious usage of social media and the Internet as a source of knowledge

  • visit in the Special School getting to know digital tools serving communication of disabled


  • workshop for the high school students SocialNOTwork about positive and negative aspects of social media

  • workshop for Seniors about online tools to work with videos and photos (a video which is a fruit & summary of the workshops:
  • open meeting with Peter who has and designs innovative hand prosthesis: Technologies as the tool of inclusion


  • tours in Krakow: introduction walk, guided tours in Jewish District and Industrial District (Nowa Huta), visit in the museum (with traditional Krakow’s Christmas Nativity Scenes)

  • Polish History Evening, Saint Andrew’s Evening, Christmas Evening, Easter meeting with Seniors

  • meeting in Jewish Community Center with Rabbi & meeting in Muslim Center and workshop about Islam, and representatives of a city programme called Open Cracov

  • The tourist office (presenting traditions of their own country for other volunteers)

  • visit in Tychy (meeting in the Integrational Center; meeting with Seniors and visit of social sewing workshop)

  • Volunteer’s Day

  • integration and team-building meetings, working & evaluation meetings (individual and in the group)

  • participation in the Days of the Poor (time with homeless people and refugees)


  • on arrival and mid-term

  • training about formalities in the project

  • training on setting goals

  • training in the International Cultural Center: Basics of Heritage, Intercultural Cracow

  • soft skills training

  • Youthpass training

  • CV training in IBM Polska


meeting with young journalists (Javier), Living Library (Julieta, Aurore), visit in Alwernia and Persian New Year with Seniors (Josie), English conversation for Seniors – about Spain (Julieta), a workshop on volunteering for Primary School pupils (Zafer and Josie), visit in Senior’s House (Josie), German Day in Special School (Josie), Day of Foreign Language in Autism Center (Cristina), Mobility Fair’s at the Jagiellonian University (Josie), lessons about Spain in primary school (Javier), workshops about ecology and art for Seniors and eco-crocheting with Seniors (Julieta), Iftar and Picnic – Rethinking Refugees (Julieta), workshops about refugees and about countries of origins.

Thank you for your cooperation in this great journey!