European Solidarity Corps - volunteers wanted - 6 month project in Krakow, Poland, position office support (photo taken by Anna Durczak)The offer is dedicated to young people who are eligible and interested in joining the European Solidarity Corps project. Eligible criteria you can find on the ESC website – here.

Are you a citizen of a European Union?

Do you want to experience living abroad, make new friendships, gain new life perspectives and enrich your CV? Well, it seems like this offer was made for you.

IB Polska logoWe are Internationaler Bund Polska, a foundation that started its activity in 2004. Our main goal is to support groups that are socially excluded, for various reasons; whether it’s because of their age, origins, or social status. We do it through numerous activities: workshops, language & cultural exchange, and multiple initiatives that activate elderly people. The volunteers that come to us from different countries are engaged in projects related to seniors as well as children with special needs.

We are now looking for a volunteer that would like to work in the office of Internationaler Bund Polska.

The tasks of the office assistant would be:

  • assisting in the current activities of the IB Polska office, such as logistical support of the projects run by the foundation (Multicultural Center, collaboration with the special schools in Cracow and nearby villages, cooperation with Senior Clubs and Voluntary Center in Tychy as well as other organizations supporting groups socially excluded – elderly people, homeless people and people with disabilities)
  • helping to organize workshops for volunteers and apprentices
  • supporting the promotion of the projects of IB Polska (editing texts for the website and blog of EVS/ESC, making photographic records of the activities run by the organization, assisting the organization of informational meetings related to ESC)
  • current administration tasks, creating databases
  • developing volunteer’s own ideas and initiatives
  • promoting the idea of volunteering and solidarity

What will you gain by becoming a volunteer in our organization?

You will:

  • see how does a non-governmental organization work
  • participate in various projects run by the foundations, both local and international
  • improve your interpersonal skills, as well as digital abilities
  • get familiar with both formal and informal methods of work used in NGOs
  • develop your leadership potential
  • gain new experiences while working with both adults and children, including people socially excluded
  • be able to foster your creativity with the support of the organization
  • develop skills that will be invaluable in your future professional life, like decision making, responsibility, teamwork, time management, outlining priorities
  • have a chance to participate in different workshops, events, and excursions
  • learn one of the most challenging languages in the world, thanks to the Polish language course

Last, but not least, it will be a great adventure. Living abroad is always a very enriching experience, challenging and beautiful. While facing the differences we learn more about ourselves and we gain new perspectives on life and other people. Lifelong friendships, unforgettable moments – that’s what volunteering really means.

The project lasts from the 15th of August until the 28th of February 2022 and takes place in the office of Internationaler Bund Polska in Cracow.

To apply fill this form:

Become a volunteer and join our team!

[Our promo photos are taken by Anna Durczak]

More about our volunteering projects and experience – here

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