“I know this project will be one of the biggest experience in my life”   – says Tamara from Georgia

“I know this project will be one of the biggest experience in my life” – says Tamara from Georgia

Are you ready to read a new post about our volunteer from Georgia? 🙂

My name is Tamara. I’m 25 years old and I’m from Georgia. I live in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of activities, with old and modern architecture together, beautiful parks, squares, places to visit and with amazing people.

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Poland- Now we are the old hares 4

After mentioned event it was time to relax and what else could be more relaxing than having a picnic at a lake enjoying the probably last warm rays of the late autumn sun before rain, wind and coldness take over the rule.  We decided to meet all together in a park which is more or less next to Krakow. From our flat your able to just walk there, thus we did so or at least we tried. Emelyn, Kübra and I started our journey to Zakrzowek, a former quarry and now that it is filled with water one of the most visited places by locals and tourists. The reason for that is not only its perfect location but also the fact, that police won’t control that much over there who is drinking in public and who not, resulting in a gray zone where people gather and have a cold one together. Read more

How to live a memorable day at the Farm of Life?

Article written by Ilde Navarrete

In the next few lines I will describe what I experienced during my day at the Farm of Life the 3rd October 2015. Little did I know before about the picnic, only that we paid a visit to know their wonderful and brand-new facilities and that my friends Alicia and Berkay assisted during summer there. Moreover it is one of the hosting organizations that IB Polska is cooperating with. Helped by the representatives of IB Polska and many of my volunteer friends, I took part in the welcoming picnic the people at the farm organized for everybody who was interested. The event lasted since the early morning to the afternoon.


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