Meet Seweryn who is volunteering in Germany

Germany vs. UK – culture differences

First of all tea, tea is a national drink of Britain, it is a tradition to drink it at any possible break time: in the morning, evening even midday breaks. This unfortunately is an aspect which lacks in Germany, and a lack thereof is likely to cause frustration for a German is much more likely to drink coffee with tea being reserved more for the elderly. For someone like me who doesn’t drink coffee it was rather a shock and immediately had to stock myself with some Earl Gray and Green.

Demonstration in Berlin, this is a weekly occurrence, left right, centre etc.

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Meet Justyna in Germany


From September 2015 I am EVS volunteer (Erasmus+) in Internationaler Bund in Bernau bei Berlin. The organisation has  many aims. One of them, there is an education centre where young people have supporting and developing courses. The classes are adapted to individual needs of each person. In case of learning problems or preparing for exams, students can get support from teachers and psychologists. Read more