We had another interesting and pleasure meeting with volunteers from another organization (YouthHub by Europe4Youth) in a cozy place. In the meeting we talked about judgement and observation: when we can use them, what’s difference between them. That the judgement is subjective and observation is objective.
We talked also about components of communication. This components is like a circle and we have to combine them.
They are: Needs, Observation, Feeling, Request.

After that we talked about feelings and needs. We all agree that knowing what and how do we feel is very important. Maybe sometimes you may forget some of your feelings and needs -that’s why it’s important to remember about it all the time!

So we played a game – we divided into four groups (in one group were three or four people). Most of us met for the first time to each other. On the table there was some cards with different texts about feelings and needs. We also got different tasks and after these we had to choose one of them and talked about it, think or drew about it.

The second activity was to talk about situations when our needs wasn’t accepted, with someone and about what we did in this situation.
These kind of activity was really funny, interesting and helpful. Now we know that we have to think and take care to our feelings and needs. Also it was nice to talk about ours and others feeling with foreign people.

In conclusion these meeting and topic was useful for everyone of use. Now we know better what judgment is and what observation is, how to use them, how it works and how we have to act in any situation.

Article Keti,
Volunteers of ESC project.
Workshop with our European Solidarity Corps volunteers from 23.11.2023.