Hello, I'm Seda. I enjoy drawing, swimming, and doing face art. I love camping and exploring new places. Being in nature and feeling connected to it is something I cherish deeply. I used to regularly engage in sports while in Turkey and I hope to continue that here as well :). 

I graduated from the Department of Justice at Istanbul University. In addition, I have received training in family counseling.

I have always been interested in different cultures and languages.

 Through my research, I discovered the European Solidarity Corps and that’s where I am now. I also enjoy being a part of IB Polska. I have started working in a kindergarten. Even though I don’t know Polish well enough, I read books to the children and they still enjoyed it. Of course, I felt very happy too.

During my time here, I want to engage in plenty of activities with the children, make them laugh, and teach them new things. I also aim to improve my English and, in parallel, learn Polish.

 It’s all about new friendships, a new life. I’m very excited about the process.

At the end of the day, I know I will be very happy that I came.

My motivation – “If there is change even for a stone, how can there not be for a human?” | “Jeśli nawet dla kamienia jest zmiana, dlaczego nie miałoby jej być dla człowieka?”

Greetings, Seda.