Greetings and salutations from Turkey!

I am Firdevs. I graduated from Middle East Technical University which is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. My department is Physics Education. One of the biggest reasons why I choose the physics education department is the pleasure of helping the others.

I adopt the perspective performed in graduation ceremony of METU: ”Basically, graduate students do not throw the cap. Because of the principle that education life is a lifelong process, not ending with university”.

It is one of my biggest dreams – to carry my passion abroad, to communicate with people from different cultures and learn from them. Through introducing them my own culture to them, I want to interact with other people.

Due to my job and social responsibility projects I participated in throughout my life I have experience working with the 5-18 y.o. age group. I believe that this European Solidarity Corps project will provide a lively environment where my desire to teach and learn will increase. Since the individuals (young people with disabilities) in this program have faced some problems while dealing with daily life. I think that helping them will expand my understanding of social solidarity and reintegration while fulfilling my duty. This will also open the way for me to new perspectives in my professional career.

I know that it will make a big difference both for me and for them. Being able to communicate with young people with disabilities and make contribution, touching that person’s life, even if it seems like a small things to them. That’s why I sincerely look forward to volunteering and work in Special School no.11 and with support of IB Polska as it will be a life-changing experience for me.

My motivation – “When life gives you something that makes you feel afraid, that’s when life gives you a chance to be brave.”