Good morning everyone!
Yesterday the last volunteers, Alessia, Romane and Firas attended the last Tuesday meeting! Together with the IB Polska coordinators they found themselves at the Boardowa Cafe, where a wide variety of board games can be played.

After they all met at 4pm on 29 August and caught up on the latest news after the summer holidays, they started playing 5 seconds! A fun board game where you have to answer questions about random topics in 5 seconds.

After a nacho break, the volunteers and coordinators continued playing until 6 o’clock, when it was time to say goodbye to Romane, who left today for Estonia and the Erasmus trip that awaits her there.

Soon it will also be Alessia’s time, but Firas, on the other hand, has decided that he will stay in Poland for longer.
But soon new volunteers will arrive so don’t miss out on the upcoming activities and news.

Thanks for reading and see you soon! 🙂