Hello everyone! It is with sadness that I announce that this will be my last post for IB Polska. And the topic of this last article will be about my experience here. About seven months ago I was asked to write an article in which I presented myself and my perspectives on the project, so let’s update my impressions and experiences.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to participate in this project in order to increase my experiences in the work environment, working for an organisation that serves others. But not only that. I have always been fascinated by other cultures and was looking for something that was different from Italy and everything about it.

I have to be honest, my energy and motivation towards the project and my activities has not always remained constant over these months. The first weeks here were a bit demoralising, I felt a bit let down by the group of volunteers I found, but this feeling was very short-lived. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people outside the organisation, people I was lucky enough to meet from the moment I arrived and who stayed with me until the end.

The arrival of new volunteers has also changed the mood and dynamics of the IB polska group and this has only made my experience here richer. Like my roommate Rafael, who finally brought some joy (and noise) to the flat when he arrived in May.

So although I have not always been happy with the tasks I have been assigned and my opinions and ideas have not always coincided with those of my coordinators, I have to be somewhat grateful for the opportunity I have had to become part of this world. Without it, I would never have met people who have been so important to me in these months and whom I will never forget for the rest of my life.
I also fell in love with Krakow. I discovered that it is a fantastic city to live in, with many things to do depending on one’s mood.

Overall, then, I can say that I absolutely do not regret having taken part in this adventure. I would do it all over again and wish all future volunteers good luck, have the courage to dare and enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience.

Thanks for reading and goodbye 🙂
Alessia Lazzarin