As our time with the European Solidarity Corps in Krakow came to a close, we gathered for one last meeting to celebrate the memories we had made together. This article commemorates the final daytime get-together, which took place at Plaza Bagry, where we organized a delightful barbecue and engaged in a fun-filled game.Under the rain, yes the rain, we assembled at Plaza Bagry for a day of camaraderie. Dressed in consequences and with smiles on our faces, we relished the opportunity to spend quality time together before parting ways.

Preparing the barbecue turned into a mini-adventure, as we navigated the logistics of getting the fire going. However, the challenge brought out our team spirit, and soon enough, delicious aromas filled the air as sausages and vegetables sizzled on the grill. The simple act of cooking together fostered a sense of togetherness, making the meal all the more enjoyable (except for the mushrooms…)

Following the hearty feast, we engaged in a lighthearted game that brought out our competitive sides and laughter. As we played and cheered one another on, the joy of being together in this moment was evident.

Throughout the day, we took the opportunity to reminisce about the various projects we had participated in and the experiences we had shared in the previous month.

As the day came to a close, we bid farewell to some of our fellow volunteers who were heading back home.

Our final daytime gathering at Plaza Bagry was a fitting way to conclude our European Solidarity Corps adventure in Krakow. As we savored the barbecue, played games, and shared memories, we celebrated the bonds we had built over the course of our volunteering journey. 

While we were parting ways physically, the spirit of solidarity and the experiences we had shared will remain with us, serving as a reminder of this special chapter in our lives.

It was my last article,
The floor is now to the next generation of volunteers,
Your dedicated volunteer,