¡Hola, soy Rafael! I am very excited about the idea of working here, helping people and discover a whole new country.

¡Hola, soy Rafael, el nuevo voluntario español!Hello, I am Rafael, the new volunteer of the Internationaler Bund Polska in Krakow. I have arrived here the 8th of May, and it is the first time I am going to live in Poland. I am very excited about the idea of working here, helping people and discover a whole new country.

I am Spanish, I am from a town in the middle of La Mancha, a very big region in the centre of Spain, the region of the famous knight Don Quixote. I have been studying Journalism and Humanities studies in Madrid for three years and this year I have been living in Lyon, France, learning French and having my first international experience. After that and before coming back to Spain, I decided to continue with more adventures in Europe and here I am in Poland.

Why Poland

Maybe the next question is why Poland, and the answer is easy. Last year, I came to visit the city on a quick travel of two days, and I fall in love with Krakow, the people, the architecture, the food, so I decided to come back to explore it, not only visiting, but living in it, learning about the country, and helping their people. I started to look for options to make real my plans and I found it in the ESC – European Solidarity Corps web page.

This volunteering is also the perfect opportunity to learn about Polish language and culture. I am really into foreign languages and even if I can only speak good English and French, I am very interested in linguistics studies. During the last years, I have started to learn the basis of German and Chinese too, and of course, now I have the perfect context to learn I little about the Slavic world and, specially, about Poland.

If everything goes well, I am going to stay in Krakow until the end of August. I am sure these months are going to be a very rewarding experience and I am going to learn a lot. You can follow all my activities here in this blog and in the social media of the organisation. The adventure has just started!

Thank you for reading and see you soon! ¡Un abrazo, nos veremos pronto!