Hello everyone! Here we are again to report on another sensational activity carried out by our volunteers from Internationaler Bund Polska. In this case the activity in question involves the environment, the volunteers met on 27 April at Armii Krajowej.

Unfortunately we found a lot of rubbish at the park, even an old television! But we did our best to collect as much rubbish as possible. The ‘Operacja Rzeka’ provided us with various materials with which to collect the rubbish, such as gloves and bags, as well as beautiful gadgets such as T-shirts and stickers 🙂

It was certainly an inspiring day of good deeds. We should indeed remind ourselves every day to live respecting nature. During this activity we also tried to think of greener ways of living. I will leave you with some tips on how to make our daily lives greener: using solid soap instead of liquid soap in plastic containers, buying razors with replaceable razor blades, buying second-hand clothes, sorting waste.

Thanks for reading me and see you! 😉