Hi everyone, I’m Alessia and today I want to tell you a little about one of the activities of the ESC volunteers here in Krakow.

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Just like every last Thursday of the month, the ESC volunteers of Interationaler Bund Polska got together for a wonderful group activity! And making everything even more magical was the sun, which kept us company throughout the day.

The day’s activity consisted of a city game. Once we had all gathered at the bottom of Wawel Royal Castle and were divided into four groups, our two coordinators explained the rules of the game to us. The activity was made possible thanks to ActionBound, a perfect app for creating interactive digital games. Through it we were introduced to 20 different tasks, the group that would finish all 20 tasks first would win the game. So.. Ready, set and go!

Some tasks were obviously more difficult than others, but they were all a lot of fun and helped encourage a team spirit and collaboration among the volunteers.
The first task required us to take a photo next to Smok Wawelski, the fire-breathing dragon symbol of Krakow, and here it is!

Other questions also allowed us to learn historical and cultural facts about the city, for example: “There is a ghost in almost every castle in existence. What is the name and history of the ghost lady of Wawel?” or “There are bones on the left side of the entrance to the Royal Wawel Cathedral. What is the story behind it?“. And you? Could you answer these questions? 😉

We also had some special helpers during the activity! To complete all the tasks we were helped by Ludmila from the Information Point for Foreigners office, who gave us the secret phrase to complete our goal. And Michal, one of the collaborators of the Krakow Together project office, who helped us reach the final stage of the game… the office of Internationaler Bund Polska. Where we found Iza, the coordinator of the Multicultural Centre. And with her last riddle we finished the game!

In short, we can’t say it wasn’t fun!
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A big kiss from your Italian volunteer, Alessia!