My name is Aurélien, I am 21 years old from France. I come from a small town in the suburbs of Paris (but let’s all pretend I live right under the Eiffel Tower). After finishing a bachelor’s in geography, I realized I needed a gap year to think about my future and live other experiences.
ESC seemed like a perfect option for that since I love travelling and I view volunteering as one of the best ways to discover another culture. In the past years, I have done volunteering workcamps in France and abroad where I was able to connect with people from all over the world while helping local communities.
Working in a school is something that I had never lived that sounded very meaningful. I started my project recently in a school complex with kindergarten and primary school. I am sure it will be a very enriching experience, that will push me out of my comfort zone (having to teach Polish kids my unpronounceable french name is already very changing from my routine). The location is also very appealing: Krakow seems like a very lively city, in a country that I have yet to discover.
I am really looking forward to these next months to discovering Poland, a lot of interesting people and maybe myself on the way.