Privet, Dzień dobry, Hello, Hola, Guten Morgen!
I’m open, curious about cultures and languages! ESC for me is when your past dream becomes a reality.Glad to have the opportunity to be here in Poland, Krakow – a masterpiece for architecture lovers to explore, this culture and people around me!
My name is Christina, 25 y.o., from Belarus. I’m an industrial designer (in my last job I was creating exterior and interior of public transports). Throughout my student period I was involved in youth work and non-formal education in my local organization. Here we had a lot of activities and had fun, also helping people to find project and hosting ESC volunteer here.. So for mine ESC moment I was waiting the last 3 years. Soo long!? Yeap! 

I got a bachelor degree in design then masters degree in engineering and after 2 years of work I recognized  “hm, smth is wrong and I need to take step back in my life”. So here I am!

In this project I am working in ZSP Giebułtów and helping teachers. I was happy to find a project in Internationaler Bund Polska in Krakow. Here I already see how many new knowledges and skills I can get, also the opportunity to share my experience and contribute too.I’m open to whatever shows up and believe that randomness is not an accident –  we are in the right place at the right moment. I’m sure that everything will be going well and I am integrating into this project step by step.