Independence day in Poland is quite the important date, 11 of November marks the day that Poland re-emerged as a nation in 1918.

And the volunteers have all the reasons to join in this wave of patriotism, since without this event there would no Poland for them to volunteer in! And in such spirit they joined the senior’s at CAS Złoty Wiek in their commemorations.

Language barriers would normally be an obstacle, but the volunteers even joined in singing traditional patriotic Polish songs. Besides this there was a moment for sharing stories from eachother’s countries, after all, sharing is caring! Not all countries have a independence day in the same way as Poland, but every country has a symbolic patriotic day from past struggles and victories.

The volunteers shared stories about Turkey, Belarus, Germany and Portugal with the seniors, and even though every country has a different story to tell, it’s quite remarkable how different generations could create empathy with sharing their stories.

The volunteers can’t wait to return to CAS Złoty Wiek! Seniors can be quite the treasure of interesting stories!