Today, we are pleased to introduce you , Davit, our volunteer from Georgia.

Hello, I am Davit Bakradze, a 28-years-old volunteer from Georgia. I work in the school where I help students for improving their English language skills. I was studying tourism in Georgia and it is very important for me to discover foreign places. Through this project, I met a lot of interesting people and discovered a lot of interesting places. I have participated in very interesting programs with Ib Polska so far and I hope these experiences will be useful for my future career.

For example, last time I participated in the eco-challenge, where volunteers were trying to live by vegetarian life for 2 weeks. As you know Georgian cuisine is full of meat and in my country, I used to eat meat every day. I thought it would be impossible to live without meat, but I did it and these vegetarian weeks gave me the possibility to try something new and help me to realize how important is a healthy lifestyle.   Everyone has to make their own choice to be or not to be vegetarian. Vegetarian life can generally help with weight loss and it can improve your nutrition and your cooking skills as well.  

Davit joined us as a participant of the #Intergeneration project under the European Solidarity Corps, which is a funding programme of the European Union that creates opportunities for young people to volunteer, work, train and run their own solidarity projects that benefit communities around Europe.