Today , we’d like to introduce you,one more new volunteer from France. 23 years old Matthis joined us 2 months ago for working in the kindergaten.

Hello, my name is Matthis, I’m a 23 years old French guy trying to discover new things all around. I am an architecture student, in my last year, and I came to Kraków for an Erasmus. I then discovered the concept of volunteering and decided to take a gap semester and apply for it at IB Polska, to work in a kindergarten.

It was also a good opportunity to stay in Kraków and know more about it and the Polish culture, as I couldn’t before because of the pandemic. I’m usually interested in many things, from reading to photography passing by hiking and psychology, and I could say that my main interest is to find new interests. As such, and since I’ve always been interested in a teaching job, I decided to work with kids, to discover their universe, how they handle what’s happening around them, and in a way test how communication works when you don’t have the same language. Are we communicating with signs? Games? Facial expressions? Just intonations of voice? I can’t wait to explore all of this with them.

Matthis has joined us as a participant of the #Intergeneration project under the European Solidarity Corps, which is a funding programme of the European Union that creates opportunities for young people to volunteer, work, train and run their own solidarity projects that benefit communities around Europe.