We organized all together an event for mothers of disabled children. It was held in a picturesque place that it was about to open for customers – cafe BUSZ. We were first in that new place.

We were around 10 volunteers and our goal was to interact with children while their mothers had cosmetic treatments.

I was satisfied with taking part in such activities cause my experience in working with disabled children is small. I think the work with vulnerable people requires attention, empathy, inner energy but I was doubting whether I could have such features.

I started to observe how another volunteer Zeynep was communicating with one guy, using gestures. Later I had found  – it was a Makaton. I asked Zeynep to teach me simple signs and repeated after her. So I had learnt main gestures from Zeynep and used them with Maciek, a sunny boy around 10 years old.

We were playing quite long trying to knock down pins. How much fun we had!

During the whole day, I didn’t have any doubts or fears of playing with children. I know that actions are repetetive and very simple but your trophy is smiles on their faces.

Due to this little but decent experience I can say that I don’t have any fears or prejudice about people with special needs.

I’m totally sure that they are more than we know about them. They can teach us patience, tolerance and love.

Text by: Anna from the “Equal Volunteering” project.
The project “Equal volunteering” is organised within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps and financed by European Commission.