Hey! I’m Anna, a volunteer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I work in the kindergarten but I want to tell you not about that right now. I’m internet-addicted and once it helped me)) I saw in our EVS group IB Polska about English camp in Ostrzeszow (still can’t pronounce it). So I was the first who left a message.

An organisator, English teacher Kasia, contacted with me and told what it would be, she told me about our activities and conditions. Kasia added that they provided everything: food, tickets, sleeping bags. The last word called an image of living in a tent outside. Also she told to take an “outfit that you can use it in the forest”.

I was travelling with previous volunteers. In Ostrzeszow teachers collected us. Teachers organised family polish dinner. It was incredible and so tasty!

Next day we had a presentation about our country at school. I had 4-5 lessons. I started my presentation with questions about Russia. I was totally surprised cause even children 8 years old knew my president. Also, a lot of children said that it is very cold in Russia. They didn’t expect to see palms which I showed them.

After lessons, we went to school where we spent the remaining days. We slept at the gym. Not outside. For sure, everybody was laughing at me cause I took a yoga-rug, a lot of warm clothes didn’t imagine how it is possible to sleep outside in the end of October.

We were separated in 4 bands/ first evening we knew each other better. Next day we had a task like orienteering. We were running in a forest and searching for points that we had on a map. After we fried sausages on the fire. In the evening we sang, danced, laughed a lot.

Next day we moved to Poznan where participated in a workshop. We made polish croissants, explored city and gave a lot of hugs each other. Im looking forward for our next meeting this spring.

Author: Anna, participant of the project “Equal Volunteering”

The project “Equal Volunteering” is organised within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps and financed by European Commission.