Hello, My name is Giorgi, I am from Georgia.  I have just finished my EVS in beautiful city of Krakow, working in special need school with disabled people. During my staying here in Poland I have learnt and experience lots of things! I can honestly say that now my life is divided in two parts: before and after EVS.

EVS is really big opportunity for young people from 18 up to 30 who want to change his/her life and do something new, what they never did before, do something new for himself and for others. Get and give feedback, meet new people from around the world, introduce your country to others and travel in new places in once! Learn and teach, change yourself and change others. EVS gives you challenges that makes you stronger.

I started participating in my project in September 2017. That was the most exciting 10 month in my life, most interesting with different opportunities and discovering something new almost every day.

How to start? Finding a project which fits you is not so difficult, because its quite popular project in Europe and there are too many options where you can do your own. In my case I started searching for a project around 3-4 month earlier and made my first Skype interview with my future coordinator. Soon I found myself accepted and came to Poland…

What next? During next 10 months you are doing different kind of activities, sports, trainings in different cities which also helps you to make your participating more useful for others and of course for yourself. It also helps you to determine your future after EVS and to figure out where you are and where you go in your life.

EVS is perfect chance to meet amazing people from different countries, even such unknown countries which you knew only from map.

It gives you knowledge about their country, culture,traditions and etc. You have new friends which will stay in your life for a long time  (personally for me its amazing sense!). During EVS you also have a chance to travel. Traveling is best meditation and way to find your small place in the big universe.

And in the end, doing EVS is big honor and responsibility which makes you better, stronger and happier.

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Author: Giorgi, participant of the EVS project “Act to activate”

The European Voluntary Service project “Act to activate” is organised within the framework of Erasmus+ and financed by European Commission.
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