Meet Daryna!

Daryna 1As usual, the most interesting and important things in my life come to me by accident. Same happened with my EVS experience in Poland. If I would say about my project in few words, it would be like that: ?Hello, my name is Daryna, I am from Ukraine and I am doing my EVS helping in special school in Krakow?. And the reality behind the words is much more – it?s all about helping others but mostly helping myself to adapt, learn and explore. To break the stereotypes and sometimes the rules 🙂

Now few words about what I actually do! All the days at school are same and different at the same time. Usually it?s English and floristic/handmade classes and help with all the lessons and everyday activities. Apart of it we prepare a play in the theatre, visit museums, play boccia (Paralympics sport) and attend different workshops. Some of my EVS friends here are working in the school, some in kindergarten, some in social center, some in museums…

So everyone has different projects and different lifestyle here.Daryna 2

Aside of 6 working hours per day, you also have time for a lot of other activities. Krakow is known as a cultural capital of Poland, and I feel very lucky spending my time here. And in fact in any city, town and village there are always a lot of things to do – you just should ignore all your fears and doubts about being involved in the life of local community. And remember that you always will be interesting for locals as a foreigner and most of them also will be willing to help you.

  Daryna 3(playing boccia)

The time of long-term volunteering is a time to learn a lot about yourself. You move abroad to change the lives of others and the first one to change ? is you! Everyone gets the chance to start everything from the new page in new city.

I cannot say that European Volunteer Service is good or bad experience ? everyone will make it his/her own way. But for sure I can say that it is worth trying!

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