Meet Laura

“I jumped in the water by myself”


A famous figure of speech says that if you want a child learn to swim, and he’s afraid to do that, you have to push him in the water.

If he won’t drown, he will learn it.

It may sound a little extreme, but my experience with EVS can be related to this story. With just a difference: I jumped in the water by myself, in order to understand if I would have managed to survive.

Decide to live six months away from home, from everything I knew, from everyone I love.

I thought that I wouldn’t have enough strength, ready to book a flight to come back after one week.

Buuut I am here now, writing these words about my 160 days in Poland.

The main question that someone could ask me can be, would you recommend EVS, after all you have been through?

I answer, YES.

YES if you are ready to reconsider yourself and the person you are, ready to fight everyday to reach your purpose.

YES if you are ready to face difficult situations, bad days, problems with flatmates and co-workers, evenings in which you think that the only thing that can make you happy is go away.

YES if you are ready to learn a new language, follow lessons and discover new sounds, new letters, words with no vocals!

YES if you are ready to give yourself completely to your project, become a part of your association, give your heart to the people you will work with – in my case, a group of kids (3-4 years) in a colourful kindergarten in Krakòw.

YES if you are ready to meet a lot lot lot of new people from all over Europe, live unforgettable moments, share stories of life and hopes for the future with someone that is so different from you!


EVS for me was an incredible, difficult, satisfying experience: I learned how to communicate without a common language (with lovely children that decide, after a little time, to become my teachers in order to help me with the knowledge of words like flower, butterfly, cat, dog, cow, horse…); I improved without doubts my English skills (starting to think that the years of lesson at school were such an important present, since they allowed me to speak with people from every country of Europe); I visited a totally mysterious new country (which was Poland for me before leaving); I tasted new food, did things that I would never thought to do!


Some days it sounded like a war against myself. And now, for sure, I can say that I won.


I come back home with a really big backpack of experiences, tears and laughs, smiles and thoughts, photos, voices in my mind that say “dzień dobry, pani Laura!” every morning, jokes, wonderful plane built with Legos, football matches (because I was really lucky: during the training in Warsaw, our hostel was two minutes far from the stadion of Legia Warszawa; besides that, in June Krakòw hosted the Championship of European U21).



So, are you thinking to leave for EVS, but you are not sure because of this and because of that?

No excuses, start to look for your project, put your clothes into a big suitcase (ok, really big) and jump on a plane.

Something beautiful is waiting for you somewhere!




article by Laura Caruzzo

(EVS volunteer)

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