Meet Olga in Turkey

“(…)Turkey is a country full of contrasts and cultural contractions”


Hi, I am Olga, I spent two months in Nestil Fest project in “System and Generation Association”.

I always wanted to go to youth exchange, my favourite destination was Denmark. In winter I started to look for the trip. For a few months I planned my time there, but at the end of May I got information that it is impossible during this summer holidays. I was disappointed, I really wanted to spend abroad more than two weeks. At this time I saw an advertisement about EVS project in Turkey. Two weeks later I was there . Before my EVS I have never been to Turkey or any other Muslim country. My interest always was around European Union countries. That is the reason I had a cultural shock.

In Ankara I spent June and July. I was there during the Ramadan and Bairam. It was a very good time for learning Turkish customs, because with my friend from five different countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, Macedonia and Slovakia I had a possibility to take part in „Iftar” (it is a special dinner which people eat at night during Ramadan).

For this two moths I worked in three different places: in elderly house with elderly people, in youth centre with Syrian kids and in Clock Tower where I prepared a tea for men which discussed there together.

Turkey is a country full of contrasts and cultural contractions, but that also takes you in a magic atmosphere when you walk through Its streets and bazaars, when you eat Its delicious food or simply when you have a cup of tea with someone you just met five minutes ago.

I came back to Poland a month ago, I already had a lot of time to see that I miss this hospitable and helpful people I met during EVS.

EVS is not easy, for instance in Ankara nobody speaks English, and I often had to use body language. During EVS you will have many unexpected challenges, but when you want to become a stronger, more independent and more confident version of yourself, there’s nothing better to do than an EVS.








article and photography by Olga

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