Mulicultural dinner with EVS volunteers in Autism Centre


Last days of June our volunteers in Autism Centre (Centrum Autyzmu i Całościowych Zaburzeń Rozwojowych), Beatrice, Giorgiana and Xabier, decided to organize a multicultural dinner with all the teachers that had the opportunity to share their classes with.

In this dinner, we had the chance to taste food from different countries: lasagne, grissini, tortilla de patatas, quiche, cheese, ham or salami and Rafaellos and brownie with ice-cream as a dessert.

With all the funny and joy moments, they also had time for surprises so our volunteers get a few gifts as a reward to their job.

From this post, volunteers wanna thank all the teachers they have met during their EVS project and the effort and how involve they were to make then felt integrated. Finally, they would also like to thank Mario (One of the previous volunteers in this Center) for his availability to join this event.






article by Xabier Valcárcel Dagá

(EVS volunteer)




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