Living in Krakow  is really nice, because…

Living in Krakow is really nice, because…

IB Polska is happy to share a very good news with you: From March 2021 We are able to host a new volunteer from France, who was studying in Krakow and decided to become a volunteer with us. 

My name is Etienne, I’m a French  22 years old guy. After a semester of history studying in Krakow, I decided to stay and become a volunteer. Joining the project of the IB Polska and working in a school with disabled kids is a great opportunity for me.

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Fighting with Zapiekanka calories

Fighting with Zapiekanka calories

It is a really hard time for everyone, especially for young people. when everything is closed and you must stay at home. We came to Poland at the beginning of Autumn and so far we have not been able to enjoy the city and discover all its excellent sides.

Our host organization tries everything to create comforts for us and the last week they offered us to spend Friday evening at the Trampoline, which is a huge place for burning calories and having fun. After several months of being at home and eating Zapieanka which is a traditional polish food, this idea seemed cool. This place was amazing to spend an hour with the people who are parts of our Polish family. Read more