Visit in Jewish Community Center

On the 7th February, about fifteen volunteers came for a lecture in the Jewish Community Center organised between the center and Internationaler Bund Polska. They got the chance to meet rabbi Avi Baumol who told them about the history of the Jewish community and also about his own story.

Firstly, he talked about himself and his own belonging to jewish community. Born from polish parents in the USA, he came to Poland to teach judaism to people. In fact, many people, jewish or not, want to know about this culture, this believe, according to him. Nowadays, and after everything that happened in the jewish community in the past, there are still many jewish people in the world. Even though they are not so visible, and some of them, according to the rabbi, don’t tell their children they are jewish, we assist to a « reborn » of the belief and the proudness to be jewish.

Then, came the time where volunteers could ask questions and exchange thoughts with the rabbi. Here, a good exchange between them happened. Between his own past and the jewish community’s one, volunteers learned more about the jewish community. Their past in history, also during war, their believes, how they practice being a jew.

And it was more interesting in the fact that, coming from differents countries, differents religions, the curiosity and interest is still the same. This afternoon was about sharing knowledge and stories about jewish community to those people, the volunteers, who now will be able to share it in return.


Text by Sarah, volunteer from France.

Nativity Scenes

On 4th of February, volunteers went to the Historical Museum of Kraków to see the exhibition Nativity scene (exhibition still visitable until the 28th of February). Here, they learned about this Krakowian tradition, where Krakowians created a competition to build nativity scene, called szopka. Then, people were invited to choose the most beautiful one. In that exhibition, you can admire some of them. Ones with lights inside, some with little caracters in motion. During this afternoon, volunteers could learn more about Krakowian past and traditions.

Pictures and text by Sarah, volunteer from France.


EVS as a constant learning

Cześć! My name is Lilith, transformed in Poland into ‘Pani Lily’. I come from Armenia. Yes, I know, you have no idea, where it is, so feel free to googlemap it. No worries… I’m lying! How on earth you don’t know where is Armenia?!

I passed 2900 kilometers, survived 11 hours on the road with 3,5 hour stopover for one destination -Kraków!

There are many reasons why people decide to do an EVS. Some need refreshment, someone got stuck, for someone it is a perfect gap year, somebody eager to travel and meet new people. But there is one thing that unites all EVS volunteers – willingness to grow, to become a better man year after.

Presentation of Christmas traditions of Armenia, Germany, Belgium and Spain at kindergarten

Through EVS you will discover a brand new culture. I found myself in the streets protesting against shooting of wild pigs, singing polish carols at the Main Square, celebrating Great-parents’ Day. While diving into polish way of living, you start to live like a local, you start to care. And this is one of the most important lessons for me so far.

Through EVS you will experience tolerance at its finest. Talking about Catalan Independence, seeing emotions of a German coming from Auschwitz, getting to know about Albanian-Macedonian relationships, learning about new established Ukrainian church, exploring tension between south and north of Italy and so on… I’ve become more curious, more interested, ended up asking countless questions.

Through EVS you will appreciate more your country. I may not be in Armenia, but I carry Armenia with me. You are becoming an ambassador of your country in Poland. You are appreciating its uniqueness, which I never thought about before coming.

Through EVS you are learning constantly, every day. Being thrown into totally new environment you have no other chance than to flourish.

And yet there is so much to discover:)