Meet Andres


One of the best ideas I ever had in my life was to join this wonderful Project. I needed to spend some time away top ut in order my ideas and it’s being perfect. It was even more attractive when you hear everything’s for free. Now let’s be serious. I met here some of the most beautiful persons I have ever met, people that made me feel really great and that have been really great with me, not only from my workplace or my organization, it was specially the other volunteers I met. It is always hard to leave home, even more if you spent all your life around the same places as in my case. I met here such professional people here  from who I learned a lot, and not only that, I found here a big diversity of people, and also made friends that I know they will be there for all my life. In addition to that, I also participated in activities that made me improve a lot my skills and made me grow as a person, like the two trainings I had and some workshops.

On my On Arrival Training in Warsaw I realized what could I expect from this experience, how to make more interesting the work being creative and organizing different activities, to set some of my goals to reach in this time. It was also a great opportunity to meet other volunteers that are also participating in different projects all around Poland, which also could mean a great opportunity to travel around and discover more about this nice country and be hosted for free!

On my Mid-Term Training, this time in Toruń, I found it even more interesting, at least for me, because all the activities we made were focused in making us think about how we were developing ourselves during our projects. I really had to think a lot about my feelings and thoughts I already did during all this time, such a big amount! I realized that the goals I set during my training in Warsaw are getting closer and closer, something really surprising because in a beggining I thought that maybe they were a bit too high and difficult to reach, but I have been reaching them without realizing!

In few words, during this time I developed myself in a way I could never imagine I became such a new person, not only because of me, also from which I learned from the people that surrounds me day by day and that is something i will never thank enough to averyone of that people.

After this experience, I will be back in Spain, ready to set and reach new goals with my new me. IMG_20161027_104052DSCF5185