Visit Arantza’s Blog

Today we want to invite you to explore our real treasure:
Arantza?s blog.


She created this blog as her portfolio:
?I want to share with you my work, ideas and dreams (that?s for the most romantic ones).
I want to show you my designs, photos and make you part of my adventure.
An adventure that has just began. And, you know, I like to travel with more people.?

Arantza Belmonte

Enter this adventure and explore Arantza?s varied and unique work:


Visit Miriam’s Blog

Today we would like to present the blog of our previous volunteer Miriam from Germany.
She did her EVS in the Fundacji Wspólnota Nadziei/ Farma Życia.
There she worked together with autistic adults for around 5 month.
Before she was a volunteer within another program, teaching german (in Kraków as well).

Miri (81)
On her blog she wrote some lines about prejudices and stereotypes and her own experiences in Poland.
And although everyone would like to say about him/herself that he/she has no prejudices, we are all influenced by specific stereotypes and pictures. Because of that we highly recommend this blogpost, which honestly describes how Miriam opened her mind.

Schluss mit den Vorurteilen über Polen! / Stop the stereotypes about Poland!

Visit Kseniia’s Blog

This week we would like to invite you to explore the creative work of our volunteers.

First Blog that we would like to promote is from our ukranian volunteer Kseniia.
She is working in the Primary School No. 24
together with Patricia from Spain and Endre from Hungary.
On her blog she is writing about her work and experiences while EVS.


Visit Kseniia’s Blog to learn something about her work:


Youth together now

Within the framework of EVS Kseniia is involved in the project YOUTH! TOGETHER! NOW!
The project is dealing with the topic of  multiculturalism and fighting discrimination. Together with other volunteers Kseniia will prepare a photo exhibition with a fresh approach, which is in progress at the moment… They will also organise a series of meetings with activists working in the field of antidiscrimination and prepare their own theme workshops which they will deliver to local youth.


Furthermore our volunteers realizing and participating in several workshops. Here Kseniia takes part in the workshop “Getting to know about Poland”, which was organized by our previous volunteer Marianna.