Meet Tiago

It is real

Olá, my name is Tiago and I come from Portugal!
I am doing my EVS in Krakowska Fabryka Talentów in the amazing city Krakow and without a doubt these past 6 months here in Poland have been the best experience of my life! I don’t believe in inspiration books or anything, but I feel the need to express how EVS can actually be one of the best things a person can do in their life.

First me, I come from Portugal and the first time I heard about EVS I actually thought “working for free? No.” (and many people still tell me this when I say what I am doing). But this changed when one night I was invited for a project called “Voice of the Voiceless”. I was reading it and it had all the things I would like to do, working with younger people, doing things connected with culture, from music to dance, other subjects, etc. I must say I was skeptical in the beginning but decided to apply and see where it would go? As I was being accepted from one interview to the other my desire to actually do this grew and grew and if I knew before what I know now, I would have applied for this way before! Finally, after those interviews I was on a Skype meeting with a person from IB Polska that within minutes I found out had many similar tastes with me and that EVS wasn?t the formal thing I was expecting but something that I could actually what I wanted, and for me that was the decisive moment: I WANT THIS!

First days were different, it was the first time living without my family and in a country I (still) don’t know the language, but what is the fun of living without challenges?
No friends? Make new ones.
Not knowing places? Explore.
Not knowing how to do this or that? Ask someone.
I am on my sixth month in a country I barely know and in a city completely different from where I come, but, I can already call it a second home.

Number One

Will it be easy? Well it depends on what you decide, my expectations were neutral because I didn’t know anyone from this country, but quickly ended up with more than a handful of amazing people around me and finding lots of things connected to my personal tastes.

Volunteers? Well…this is the most amazing part!

I always been a fan of meeting different cultures and people from different countries and I actually got all that! I started by sharing my house with one Spanish, one Italian one Greek and another Portuguese and right now we are two Portuguese,  one Spanish, one Serbian, one Byelorussian and a Greek. During my training I met people from Honduras to China, passing by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Morocco……many, many countries and all volunteers that showed me a bit of their worlds and actually made my horizons even bigger! And I think it’s on this part that EVS is so incredible , I find myself working with amazing people I wouldn’t meet any other way, I created friendships that I never imagined and even saw myself being invited to houses as if I was part of their family.

Number Two.

Work? Now this is really where it all depends on you!
I am working as a teacher’s assistant in a private school, and it has taught me a lot! For me it’s really interesting to see how different a school system can be from country to country! Also you can use your personal interests to teach something, I made a workshop and been to many workshops given by other volunteers, so it’s all to you! Who knows, you may end up traveling around with your work and meeting new people!

Number Three_a

So in short, this is one of the best experiences of my life, made many friends and I am still learning more and more! If you crave for adventure and new things, it will be the best choice you can do!There will be difficult moments but life is like that! Just don?t waste this opportunity in your life!
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