Meet Bastien!

Hi everybody, to whom that can be interested to know a little bit more about what is an EVS,
I’ll gladly share my EVS experience in Krakow, Poland.

My name is Bastien Duparchy, I am 21 years old and I come from France.

What was my first first thought when I arrived? ?Ok, you’re gonna live 10 months in a new country, new city, new apartment, new job, without speaking Polish and without knowing anybody… OK. Now you just have to accept it and everything is gonna be all right.?.

In fact, this thought was really helpful to me cause I needed to realise what I was involved in, in the purpose to hunt the blues, accept the situation and start to move on. So for me the first day is definitely the most important cause you prepare yourself to live what will be one of the most amazing experience you will ever have.

Now you may think ?Amazing experience, isn’t it too much to say??

For sure it’s not and let me explain to you why:

  • EVS is the perfect opportunity for people who want (as me) travel, work and have fun at the same time.
  • The organisation pay you the flight to come and go back, they provide you with a flat, local transport, an insurance, a little remuneration every month, days off and some language classes. So basically you don’t have to use your own money.
  • During your time as EVS you will meet a lot of people from all around the world so you don’t need anymore travel agencies to plan your future trips! You have plenty of choices all around you!
  • You who had some English difficulties, come and be sure than after these 10 months you will shock your English teacher who never have believed in you.

Now let’s become serious again that I may share with you why EVS really changed my life and bring me new horizons.

According to EVS definition, I am doing my ?Volunteer Service? in a disabled school. This is my real first experience with disabled people and from so far the best experience I have ever had in my life.

EVS gave me the opportunity to discover a new work and another look, much more sincere, concrete and richer about the human relationships. It is teaching me how to consider others more than before, how to put love everyday in my work and in everything I do, from feeding somebody to teaching something. It gave me the opportunity to challenge myself by doing things I had never done before. It show me the difference between work FOR somebody and work WITH someone. Moreover it shows me how to boost my life and how to open new doors on my future.

To all those wondering ?What is an EVS? here is my answer:

EVS is the opportunity to discover full of new things. By discovering new things you discover what you want. By discovering what you want you discover who you are and what’s the purpose of life, if not to know who we are?

So please, challenge yourself and be ready to find the real you. Be ready for an EVS.

3. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Me and my students 37. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Teacher and student relationship 11. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Me and my students 19. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Teacher and student relationship 36. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Students friendship10. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Teacher and student relationship 44. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Me and my students 48. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_ Teacher and student relationship 25. EVS IB Polska Meet Bastien_Student

Pictures taken by Bastien Duparchy

Let?s discover?Poland ? workshop animated by Marianna

This is a report of Marianna Horváth, who organized an instructive workshop for the new volunteers:

On 24th of September I managed to organize an aftermath workshop of the summer educational training ?Getting to know about Poland?. I am an EVS volunteer at the moment in Krakow so I couldn?t organize anything in my country, therefore I figured that such a workshop which aims at promoting Polish culture and cultural diplomacy could be beneficial for newcomer and even current EVS volunteers as well.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (2)

My workshop was called ?Let?s discover?.Poland?, which aimed at enriching the volunteers? knowledge about their chosen country, after they discovered the city of Krakow in the frame of Krakow City Game I organized as part of my EVS. At the workshop I sought to use the non-formal educational techniques I saw both in the training and before during my teacher training.

The workshop lasted for 3 hours and was divided in 4 parts. As a starter I asked the participants to think back of their luggage and choose only one object they would like to keep. Then they had to work in pairs and had to figure out how to manage during their stay in Krakow. Interesting suggestions were also made like photographs or camera but basically the participants chose absolutely normal and everyday solutions, so jokingly we concluded that their aptitude of being able to live in a foreign country is guaranteed.

Then followed the gastro-quiz during which participants, in groups, had to answer 15 questions about Polish eating and drinking habits, Polish national food. After each correct answer the groups were given Krówka, a typical Polish sweet to get them to know about the sweeter side of Poland on the one hand; and on the other, to motivate them for more correct answers.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (1)

Following gastronomy, we had a history session. First I showed them the video that was made by Institute of Eastern Initiatives and then in 4 groups (two early ages and two modern ages of Poland) they had to create an excerpt of a history book ? but in different genres: children?s book, military report, diary and tabloid. The participants seemingly enjoyed the creative work and in the end four amazing works were created by them.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (4)   Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (5)

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (3)   Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (6)

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (8)     Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (7)

Lastly the geographical, regional part left. Here I had to make drastic changes as to the implementation of my vision due to lack of time. The original idea was to play a tourist office role play game, so first they were to make posters about four different regions considering interesting places and activities the region could offer and also the price they would like to sell tours in a given region. After they should have visited 2 regions per person (1 person should have stayed at each region to play the travel agent) but at this time they couldn?t forget that beforehand they were given roles to play ? adventurous friend, spoilt millionaire or heartbroken man/woman. Unfortunately, we couldn?t realize this final part so in the meantime, to the request of some engaged participants, amongst other reasons) I had to change the concept and in the end, they created a flyer of each region (Lesser Poland, Mazovia, Greater Poland and Silesia) and in the end as a group we had to vote for the best flyer and therefore the best region of the day. The winner was Greater Poland with a beautiful promotional envelope.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (10)  Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (9)  Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (11)

All in all I am very satisfied with the creation and engagement of the participants and hope that I could provide them some new info about Poland and a great time while discovering it.

All pictures taken by Bastien Duparchy and Katrin Pleus