Animal Rights and Veganism [Workshop]

Take your cookie and join the vegan side!
Take a cookie and join the Vegan side!

EVS does not only mean helping others. It’s a space to express your believes. Our EVS girls, Nathalie and Daryna, on 6 July organised a workshop on animal rights. Both of them are longterm vegans and during the workshop they encouraged us to rethink the meat/diary/fur industry and consider living cruelty-free.



This workshop was a great chance for us to talk about animals and their rights. We answered many important questions! WHY and HOW to support animal rights, what to eat, when you are vegan. Girls prepared a special group works for us where we had to figure out the differences and similarities between people and animals! At the end they showed us the movie about killing animals! This film strongly influenced our imaginations!

All of that took place at Cracow’s very first social garden – The Poziomkowa Polana. Also, there was a small barbecue after the theoretical part 😉

What’s more this event made by Daryna and Nathalie was their “Goodbye Party”!